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Thursday, August 18

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Design considerations in game dashboards for teachers Wisconsin IdeaCharlotte Duncan • Anne-Marie Hoxie • Kevin Miklasz Panel: The Assessment Game — Moving Beyond Traditional Measures TraditionsJodi Asbell-Clarke • Barbara Chamberlin • Allisyn Levy • Michelle Riconscente Telescope to Tablet: Using Real-World Data to Design an Astronomy Game LandmarkJeff Bary • Mike Beall • Rob Bellinger • Jennifer Dalsen • Kurt Squire • Greg Vaughan HISTORY, CIVICS & (DIGITAL) CITIZENSHIP AgricultureBenjamin DeVane • Paul Darvasi • Gideon Dishon • John Fallon • Yasmin Kafai • Terri Nelson Well-Played Narrative Adaptivity: Consequentiality and Story Pathways in Dreamfall Chapters MarqueeElizabeth Owen Designing for DIY: Presentationing through Tensions, Lessons, and Questions to Guide Innovative Learning Environments IndustryDeborah Fields • Sara Grimes • Jayne C. Lammers • Alecia Magnifico Cerebrex Ultimate NorthwoodsHugo Enriquez • Ali Lemus Codemancer in the Showcasecase NorthwoodsBobby Lockhart Community in Crisis NorthwoodsKathy Burek FANSchool: think fantasy sports for learning NorthwoodsEric Nelson Geomoto NorthwoodsLucien Vattel GLS Showcasecase- Business Analytics Mobile Game NorthwoodsDuke Wong Highlighting MazeStar: A Platform for Studying Avatar Use in Computer Science Learning Environments NorthwoodsD. Fox Harrell • Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell • Helen Ho • Dominic Kao • Chong-U Lim • Maya Wagoner Invasion of the Energy Monsters: A Spooky Game About Saving Energy NorthwoodsAmartya Banerjee • Michael Horn JumpGym: An Exergame for Waiting Areas NorthwoodsMaarten Bos • Brianna Downs • John Franklin • Emily Harburg • Michael Horn • Mmachi Obiorah • Sean Ye Learning Go with AlphaGo NorthwoodsWilliam Jordan-Cooley Multiplier Maze: Grounding Fractions Knowledge in a Puzzle Game NorthwoodsJohn Binzak River of Justice: Conflict Resolution in a Complex World NorthwoodsEarl Aguilera • Sasha Barab Soteria – Dreams as Currency NorthwoodsDoris Rusch Take Off! NorthwoodsKat Shanahan The Da Vinci Coders: Teaching Programming with a Board Game NorthwoodsDanny Capaccio • Alyse Capaccio • Nora Husani • Lauren McKenzie • Bob De Schutter The Fiscal Ship: A Game About the Federal Budget NorthwoodsEric Church • Tobi Saulnier The Science of Making an Astronomy Game: Discovery to Design NorthwoodsJeff Bary • Mike Beall • Rob Bellinger • Kurt Squire • Greg Vaughan Trade to the top: Teaching economics and complex systems through the Lead Caravan multi-player game NorthwoodsMatthew Berland • Vishesh Kumar • Mike Tissenbaum Unsavory NorthwoodsClay Ewing VERBA™: Putting the _________ in Language Learning NorthwoodsKevin Ballestrini • Stephen Slota • Roger Travis

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