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Poster Session Hors d'Oeuvres Varsity Hall Beyond the Campus Walking Tour: An ARIS Augmented Learning Expedition Varsity HallShannon Bossaller • Fatih Demir • Joe Griffin • Hao He • Isa Jahnke • So Mi Kim • Michele Kroll • Nilay Muslu • Sara Ringbauer Building the Deck: Creating a Library Card Game for Outreach to Transfer Students Varsity HallAndrew Evans • Kelly Giles • Jon Reed • Kristen Shuyler Collaborative Game Development is BEEP! Varsity HallMichael Gi • Scott Price • Brendon Trombley Connecting Gameplay, Discourse, and Assessment in a Learning Game Camp Varsity HallCraig Anderson • Matthew Berland • John Binzak • Jennifer Dalsen • Anna Jordan-Douglass • Vishesh Kumar • Jenny Saucerman • Constance Steinkuehler • Aybuke Gul Turker Crossover Gamified Design: Learning and Assessment for Sustainable Engineering Education Varsity HallFariha Hayat Salman Designing for Empathy Development in an iPod-based Game at the Minnesota History Center Varsity HallLisa Larson EarthGames: Making Games Centered Around Climate Chage Varsity HallRabea Baroudi • Kurt Blancaflor • Zane Brant • Dargan Frierson • Josh Lawler • Sally Wei • Daniel Zhu EscapED: Adapting Live-Action, Interactive Games to Support Higher Education Teaching and Learning Practices. Varsity HallSylvester Arnab • Aikaterini Bourazeri • Samantha Clarke • Kate Green • Alex Masters • Luca Morini • Oliver Wood Ethics Simulators: Utilizing Digital Games to Study Ethical Decisions Making in an Immersive Context Varsity HallAllison Reeck Gamification and Group Work in an Undergraduate Lesson Varsity HallOguz Ak Gaming as Epistemic Practice Varsity HallHeidrun Allert • Marten Friedrichsen • Christoph Richter Grand Test Auto: Designing Simulator Assessments of Game-based Mental Models of Automotive Safety Technology Varsity HallBenjamin DeVane • Ben Miller • Joyce Moore • Ethan Valentine • Yile Zhou Here Comes the Boss! Using Situated Professional Environments in Games to Promote Literacy and Career Readiness Varsity HallJane Canner • Anne-Marie Hoxie • Alison Lee How a Storytelling Game is Played in a Preschool Classroom Varsity HallJeremy Sydik How do Pre-K Teachers and Students Experience Literacy Games? Exploring affordances of table games in a preschool classroom Varsity HallKatherine Sydik iVs and iPads: How Joint Media Engagement Helps Children “Cope with Pokes” Varsity HallBenjamin DeVane • Kirsten Hanrahan • Ann Marie McCarthy • Ben Miller Let’s Be A Real Estate Entrepreneur! A Game of Socially (Ir)Responsible Real Estate Development Varsity HallRichard Eberhart • Sara Verrilli Life Beyond the Grant: Creative Dissemination Strategies Varsity HallSusan Baron • Bob Coulter • Eric Klopfer • Judy Perry • Lisa Stump Literacy and Learning through Game Design: An Afterschool Twine Workshop . Varsity HallDr. Kelly M Tran • Mikaela Wallin MasterSwords: Competition, collaboration, and community in a multimodal battle of words. Varsity HallLynn Gatto • Joe Mauriello • Kristana Textor Mission HydroSci: Designing a Game for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Varsity HallJoe Griffin • So Mi Kim • James Laffey • Troy Sadler • Justin Sigoloff More than Me: Expanding Possibilities through Connected Multiplayer Location-Based Augmented Reality Games Varsity HallArjun Narayanan • Judy Perry • Lisa Stump Out-of-school literacies back into classroom: Game, video and prosumer Varsity HallTieh-huai Chang • Fei-Ching Chen • Ming-Fong Jan Parent-child Joint App Use and Early Numeracy Development Varsity HallBenjamin DeVane • Yile Zhou Player Agency and Content Retention in Educational Games Varsity HallJenifer Doll • Keisha Varma Proteus Play on a STEM-Game Platform: Examining the role of avatar identity and self-relevance on STEM attitudes and motivation Varsity HallMichael Beyene • Leticia Cherchiglia • Amanda Klug • Samantha Oldenburg • Rabindra Ratan • Will Renius • Harrison Sanders • Rachel Stacey • Celina Wanek Revealing Stealth Health: Examining Agency in Physical Activity Games Varsity HallCynthia Carter Ching • Roxanne Rashedi • Sara Schaefer Sherlock: Gameful software for learning and evaluation Varsity HallEthan Lin • Ryan Martinez • Patrick Wirth • Moses Wolfenstein Spirit Quest: Lessons from a Campus-wide Game Development Project Varsity HallDavid Dannenberg • Kenrick Mock • Jennifer Stone Stealth Assessment in SimScientists Ecosystems Games Varsity HallDaniel Brenner • Andrew Grillo-Hill • Lisa Holt • Edys Quellmalz • Matt Silberglitt • Jody Underwood Stereotypes, Games and Your Bladedancer Self: Using avatar customization to reduce stereotype threat effects Varsity HallAdam Cockman • Joseph Fordham • Madison Ozdych • Rabindra Ratan • Luke Sienko • Kyle Silva • Celina Wanek • Whitney Zhou TAXONOMY AND FLOW – ENGAGING VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS AND PLAYER ARCHETYPES Varsity HallStephen Mallory Testing an Educational Videogame in a setting with Limited Technology Access Varsity HallHugo Enriquez • Ali Lemus The Well-Researched Game: Using Game Design and Development in First-Year Composition Varsity Hall Towards an Understanding of Player Decisions and Learning During Video Gameplay: The Gamer Response and Decision Framework Varsity HallSam von Gillern Towards Improved Literacy in Computer Programming Among Artists Varsity HallElliot Gertner • Patricia Waterman Videogames and Distributed Teaching and Learning Systems Varsity HallElisabeth Gee • Jeffrey Brandon Holmes • Dr. Kelly M Tran World-Building 101: Application of Contemporary Learning Theory in Game Design Varsity HallStephen Slota • Michael Young
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